The deliciously popular Beavertail at Maple Bakery are a Canadian classic. Try these unique desserts for yourself.

A Canadian Classic is now available on the Surf Coast of Victoria, some would say it’s a taste of Canada, though not without controversy!

Beavertails come in one of two ways, and there are diehard believers that will tell you as to which one is correct.

At Maple bakery one of the most favourite items is the Beavertail, both cinnamon and deluxe chocolate coated. Made very similar to a giant flat donut, the Beavertail is of course shaped somewhat (you guessed it) like a beaver tail! Of course, that leaves the other side of the debate to the Beavertails shaped somewhere crossed between a flatbread and a Turkish bread with its own taste that is a unique dessert no matter which side of the fence you sit! The Beavertails at Maple a certainly a popular choice, with many varieties selling out by mid-morning and the team of chefs having to do multiple batched to keep supplies up!

“Maple” as it is affectionately known to those that love it is a unique artisan bakery on the Surf Coast of Victoria in Torquay. Opened in May 2021, which in the middle of the pandemic was a challenge, and having faced the lockdown of regional Victoria on just its third day of trade its grown to be a hidden favourite amongst locals and tourists that have heard of the reputation. Recently, even having a customer that flew down from Sydney especially for the weekend to experience its unique offerings.

The Canadian inspired Bakery has grown its modest starting days and is now serving a range of local baked goods and quite a few Canadian inspired goods such as Nanaimo Bars, Hoodoo Butter Tarts, Whoopies, Maple Bits, Pumpkin Pie Tarts and much more. All inspired from time living in Canada many years ago, owner Durham Green along with the help of a good friend and renowned chef Andre Smaniotto spent a year baking and tasting all types of food and recipes to develop the unique range to establish Maple Bakery.

What about Maple Syrup? You won’t be disappointed to know the majority of items baked there have a dash of Maple syrup in them! Using Organic Maple Syrup from Canada, not only does plenty get used in the baking, there is several types to buy from there also. The richness of Late Harvest vs Early Harvest Maple Syrup is something to experience!

Get in early to get the best choice of items from a diverse range of products.

Maple Bakery
ADDRESS: 40/10 Cylinders Drive, Torquay
PHONE: 0476 421 051

Open 7 days, Monday to Friday 7am-3pm, Saturday & Sunday 8am-2pm


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